Frequently Asked Questions

Every project I have completed so far has been unique, so I appreciate that the list of questions below will most likely not cover off everything you need to know- so please feel free to email me all your questions, or even better, give me a call. If I don’t answer straight away, leave a message, and I will always return your call.

How much do you charge?
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How do I pay you?
I have a PayPal account; alternatively you can pay by bank transfer or send me a cheque by post. I will usually ask for a deposit when I start working on your project, this will be 25% of the total. When I have finished the project, I will email you an mp3 file so that you can review and request any amendments or changes as required. Once you are happy, all printed music will be delivered on payment of the balance.

What if I need further changes or amendments?
If you discover any errors in your printed music, I will correct these and provide new scores without charge. Any amendments that arise through a change in your requirements after the project has been completed may result in extra charges.

How long will it take you to complete the project?
Obviously this will greatly depend on the size and complexity of the music involved. Also, please bear in mind that I work in a full time job, which sometimes keeps me very busy! However, I will always aim to complete your project as soon as is possible, and if you have a deadline for completion I will deliver on time.

What if you can’t complete the project?
In the unlikely event of me being unable to complete the project for any reason, I will of course inform you of the reasons why. Any money you have paid will be returned to you.

Can you provide original music?
Absolutely. I have composed a small number of original works. Clearly however, original composition is much more time consuming than arranging ad is therefore likely to cost more.